What is DGSHAPE? 

DGSHAPE Corporation was spun-off of Roland DG Corporation, as a wholly-owned subsidiary to develop and market the company’s innovative 3D products, including DWX mills for the dental industry, MPX photo impact printers and EGX engravers for the industrial labeling and personalization industries, and MDX and monoFab series of desktop milling machines for the rapid prototyping, manufacturing, and hobby industries.

The company’s products are distributed worldwide.

How do we honour our Vision and Mission every day?

By thinking of our customers FIRST, as they are the people who are building their future around our Brand.

That’s why we love their stories of professional growth.

Join the DGSHAPE Crew, and other members’ success stories below.

Our DGSHAPE team is made up of extraordinary people who have a mission: to help our customers grow and they honour that mission with passion and competence.

Read their stories and some funny anecdotes.

Ours is a large multinational company, but with a human face.

We have been manufacturing exceptional quality peripherals in Japan for over 35 years, and for us, relationships come first.

Team Stories


Discover Us!

Valeria Centorame - Head of DGSHAPE EMEA Marketing & Content

Hello everyone and nice to meet you digitally.

I’m Valeria and I live in Italy.

So, something about me? I have been working at Roland for 5 years, first as a project manager and then as a marketing manager.

Right now, I am finally, 100% dedicated to DGSHAPE for EMEA territories, a sector, and a Brand that I love.

I live by the sea (which I love especially in winter). I like listening to music (all genres and also classical music, I love Vivaldi), I play the guitar, I like writing and I am a fan of anything digital : )

My approach to marketing? Genchi Genbutsu.

The famous story of Mr. Yokoya’s journey is not only an opportunity to get away from familiar approaches but also a way to get to know the market better. After all, the problem with data is that it is very useful for describing a situation, but not so good at understanding how it could be. Intuition captures what has not yet been understood. At the time when Yokoya made his road trip, there was a common expression at Toyota, Genchi Genbutsu.

It means something like “go and see for yourself”.

This anecdote obviously doesn’t tell the life story of this creativity-lover, but it is an example of a certain approach to marketing. (my way). And remember, as I’m a digital marketeer maniac, “drop by and “follow us on our social channels”.

Loredana Ciarrocchi - Web Marketing Specialit

Hi, I’m Loredana.

I live in Italy and I started working at Roland two and a half years ago. I remember my job interview with Valeria Centorame really clearly. After talking about my skills and previous experience we talked about my personal life and I remember her saying to me: “Enough is enough, come and work with us, your smile is a magnet and that is precious!” I have participated in many tradeshows since then and this has given me the opportunity to get to know customers and partners and listen to their real thoughts and needs.

I take care of the marketing side of our website, tradeshows, and CRM for DGSHAPE. When I think that our tools help our customers work better and our applications are excellent for patients’ health, I feel very proud.

A funny anecdote: During the last trade show in Turkey, I lost my glasses which I loved very much. Two months later, I found out that my Turkish colleague had put them in his “sample cases” in his office in Istanbul, next to the LD-80 machine. In the meantime, I had, of course, bought new glasses. I laughed for a week.

He said to me, “Oh Lory, Wasn’t that a sample?” And I said, “No! It really wasn’t!”  Anyway… now I have two identical pairs of glasses : )